Dance Tiger Dance

Rani Nair (SE) & Vishnu Vardhani Rajan (FI/IN)

Dance Tiger Dance is an exploratory performance of coming together of Raj and Vamp Master Brown.

In this performance Raj and VMB will enable vocabulary to encounter different Tigers. A flamboyant celebration of connections between; humans and nature, satire and innocence, identities and nationalisms. In a time when nationalism is being weaponized as a tool of neo-warfare, what do personal identities mean? In the morphing socio-political landscapes how do we stay connected to the kinaesthetic feeling of recognising the traces left in a body?

In collaboration with Region Uppsala.

Rani Nair works with dance and choreography with a special interest in decolonial practises and postcolonial aesthetics. Memory and archive is recurring thematic in her work. Her choreographies have been programmed at the Centre National de la Dance Paris, ImpulsTanz Vienna, Spielart Festival in Munich, Ignite! Festival of contemporary dance in Delhi, Singapore International Festival of Arts, Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival, Spielart festival and at the The Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts. Nair´s work is also represented at the Performing Arts museum, Dansmuseet in Stockholm and in the book Oxford Dictionary of Dance and Re-enactment. Member of the art collective Ful.

Vishnu Vardhani Rajan is a Body-Philosopher. They are a hyphenated identity, multidisciplinary practitioner, who builds connections between art, science, witchcraft, history, and the cultures that define them. They explore shame through dance, acting, and stand-up comedy. Instrumental to their praxis is their intent to oscillate between cultures, languages, methodologies, and sexual identities, each different from the other. Sleep, conflict, and nutrition are both their research interests and recurring performance themes.  
Vishnu's drag king persona is Vamp Master Brown. Vishnu has been proudly bastardising yoga practices since 2005. Since an orthopaedic enhancement in their knee, Vishnu is a self proclaimed cyborg witch!

Saturday 7 May