Performance Lecture

Hanni Kamaly (SE/NO)

Hanni Kamaly is an research-based artist working with sculpture, video and performance. Combining research in archives and collections the artist follows traces of bodies deprived of their name and  voice in the history writings. This performance belongs to a larger body of work where Hanni Kamaly investigates connections between racial biological ideas, constructions of a national Swedish identity and the links between the romantic era and fascism - a set of ideas that still have an impact on contemporary society, but also are closely linked to Uppsala´s recent history.

In collaboration with Accelerator

Hanni Kamaly works with sculpture, film and performance. Through a research-based process, the artist has developed a practice in reading material culture in terms of racial and colonial history. In these varied mediums and manifestations, Kamaly engages with questions of memory, embodied narratives, attention and agency. With meticulous attention to detail, the enduring lineages of power exerted through systems of oppression are traced and investigated. Kamaly’s artistic production brings fragility to a critique of assumed structural power relations. Her most recent work is THIS LAND 4 ALL which is displayed in Accelerator, a contemporary art exhibition space run by Stockholm University. Her previous works has been exhibited in São Paula Biennial, Brazil, 2021; Luleå Biennial, Sweden, 2018; and she is invited for the  Sharjah Biennial, UAE in 2023.

Saturday 7 May