Selfie Concert

Ivo Dimchev (BG)

"Selfie is a choreography, Selfie is a sculpture, Selfie is a tragedy, Selfie is love. Selfie is less about me, it's more about us." – Ivo Dimchev.

Selfie Concert suggests altering the relationship between the audience and the performer, a different way of sharing. Selfie simply shows. It does not explain, it is evidence. However, the Selfie is also a reason to be together, to be close physically. Selfie is an instrument for making the monotonic dramaturgy of the concert more alive and breaking it.

Ivo Dimchev is a choreographer, visual artist, singer- songwriter from Bulgaria. His work is extreme and colourful mixture of performance art, dance, theatre, music, drawings and photography. Beside his artistic work, he is founder and director of Humarts foundation in Bulgaria and organizes every year a National competition for contemporary choreography. He has received numerous international awards for dance and theater and has presented his work all over Europe, Asia, South and North America.

Saturday 7 May